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Janua Moebel is build on our own developed laravel based framework “johnnyshares” which handles digital asset management, sharing & collaboration.

Janua-moebel is build on our modular based larval based framework where our johnnyshares module serves as the core the core digital asset management. This module was extended to do some heavy lifting for our client a leader in the Luxury Furniture Space.. Janua also uses our Project Management System and email marketing Module as a SaaS Solution. Thank you Christian Seisenberger for the fantastic project and the continued satisfaction working for a client with vision that values quality. Visit the project. is build on our modular based laravel based framework .
At the core our Modular based Product johnnyshares which handles digital asset management, sharing & collaboration.

System features include:

Full PHP native CRUD
Native CRUD  – Add, edit view in new page, Native php sorting and pagination
Reports Module MySQL –  view table Schema
Blank Template module – Create tempalte controller model and view files
CRUD configuration – MOdules generated have unique settions & shortcode
Create Unlimited New Module
3 Types of Module creations
– CRUD Module
– Blank Module
– Report Module
Module Info Editor
Module MySQL Editor
Module Table Grid Editor
Module Form Editor
Module Form Layout Editor
Module Form Master Editor
Module Permission Access Editor
Rebuild All or Separate Files -> Module
Backup Module
Install Module
MySQL Table Creator

My SQl Editor
Accepts all mySQL syntax and functionality
Writing own MySQl Statements

Features Summary

Login Page
Forgot Password Feature
Register Page
Login Social Network ( Google , Twitter , Facebook )
Users Management
Groups Management
Group Module Permission ( CRUDS Routine ) Management
Users Profile page

Form Features

Hidden Type
Input Type
Input With Date
Input With Date Time
Textarea With Editor
Select with custom value
Select with lookup table
Select Multiple ( for custom value )
Upload Image / Files
Multiple Upload Image / Files
Upload Resize Image