Hospitality in a digital world

Connect your guests and hotel staff, and you’ll create a unique experience. IOT hospitality technology powers immersive engagement, everywhere. Travelers want to use their devices no matter where they are, including at your hotel. But just offering Wi-Fi no longer makes your property stand out: it’s time to raise your game

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Personalized Connected Guest Experience

  • To your guests, it means convenience: access to all amenities and services from their digital devices, your entertainment systems and in-room phones. An instant virtual concierge ready to assist them 24/7, no matter where they are.
  • To hotel staff, it means coordination of ‘back of house’ services that support operations, connecting staff with other staff or guests, instantly and automatically. Everything connects to a single intelligent network, where all devices are securely and automatically managed.
  • To management, it means agility, transformation and a growth pathway. It’s the future of hospitality, and the experiences you create are leading the way.

Take control of your entire guest experience, at any point of their journey, with a continuous and highly personalized connection on their own mobile devices. Offer the right mix of human and digital guest services to ensure convenience without sacrificing satisfaction and loyalty.

Modern challenges in hospitality

Hospitality organizations are looking at wireless technology to help transform their services to meet today’s challenges.

Keeping up with guest expectations

Few travelers today will arrive at a hospitality venue without a mobile device. In fact, some 86% of us will carry two or more.

Our expectations are changing. Wi-Fi is now the essential amenity we look for at a hotel. It’s a deal-breaker: no Wi-Fi, no return stay. In fact, both leisure and business travelers say that it’s more important to have Wi-Fi at a hotel, along with air-conditioning, than breakfast.

As with everything, the more we have, the more we want. Ordinary Wi-Fi is no longer good enough for a generation wanting streaming services and video on demand during their stay. In a recent survey, more than a quarter of guests (26%) wanted super-fast Wi-Fi with 11% of them even willing to pay more for the service.

It’s part of the need for constant connection and the enthusiasm for room automation, with the convenience of apps that control everything from the lights to the shutters or door-lock. Nearly half (48%) of guests in one survey said they would choose one hotel over another if it had a mobile application.

This is Why?

Keeping revenues high and costs low


Personalized services that recognize a guest’s importance, such as mobile check-in and special upgrades for returning customers, inspire greater guest loyalty, increasing revenue and occupancy rates. To work, they need the support of reliable, simplified IT operations, that reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable staff to operate more efficiently.

Preparing hospitality for a digital world

Hospitality management services

The hospitality industry is being shaped by mobility and IoT:
Mobility – with the wireless connectivity for guests and staff alike to have access from anywhere and on any device, and enjoy the same quality of experience, wherever they are.

Internet of Things – incorporating IoT devices in guest rooms and open areas provides the intelligence to cut costs and improve customer service. Smart sensors can be used to manage energy use – such as dimming the lights when natural light is bright – or identifying maintenance issues before they become costly problems, such as an over owing bathtub, an overheating appliance or burst pipe.

Connectivity everywhere

Hospitality management services

Increasingly, hotels and venues need a reliable wireless network to support greater mobility and the Internet of Things. Unfortunately, legacy Wi-Fi networks struggle to deal with life in a digital era.

  • Increased traffic, with new streaming services and data-intensive applications, is overloading networks
  • Demand for fast Wi-Fi deployment and high-quality services can overwhelm IT staff and resources
  • Security is hampered by IT complexity and the difficulty of managing separate wired and wireless networks

Creating one, reliable hospitality network

Hospitality management services

A reliable network provides the digital foundation for mobility and collaboration everywhere, through a unique combination of distributed wireless controller architecture, unified access, intelligent fabric, smart analytics and IoT containment with multi-layered security.

A different experience for every guest

Hospitality management services

User profiling ensures network access is secure. Each user is recognized by their profile and then authorized by the network before they are allowed access. User profiling allows you to attach different services for staff and individual guests, such as VIP entry or special promotions. Unified access ensures the same services or security policies apply to each user across the hotel property, so it’s a seamless experience for them as they move, for example, from the health and fitness area to a meeting space or guest room.

The network as revenue generator

Hospitality management services

Visibility across the network, users, devices and applications gives you greater control. Applying smart analytics to the data provides valuable information that can be used to enhance the guest experience. You could, for example, discover where people spend their time, find out the peak times for their visits and establish whether they are new or returning guests. This enables development of personalized services:

• Provide directions on big properties, such as where to finnd the barbers’ shop or the kids’ play pool
• Push promotions or ads to guest mobiles as they pass by onsite shops or bars, etc.
• Enable VIP guest recognition so you can offer automatic check in and have the room set to their preferences

Security everywhere and anywhere

Hospitality management services

The way to create a simple, yet secure, digital environment is to manage risks at all levels. Policy-based rules and profiles determine the right level of network access for devices along with monitoring the network and application traffic. IoT containment is also used to securely and automatically connect any device. IoT devices often lack security protocols, making them a potential entry point for any security breach. IoT containment places these devices in virtual network containers, which are simpler and more cost effective to deploy and manage than separate physical networks. They also isolate and contain any security breaches.

The new generation wireless concierge

Hospitality management services

Central to providing seamless mobility across your hospitality environment is the wireless LAN. Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar WLAN delivers enterprise-grade features with operational simplicity,
at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).
Our next generation wireless access points support:

  • 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 standards
  • Gigabit and multi-gigabit Ethernet
  • connectivity
  • Location based services through Bluetooth low energy beacons
  • Operations in harsh outdoor environments
  • Simple and secure onboarding and guest management

Combined with centralized management for large-scale deployments they support:

  • Unified wired and wireless networks (when used with Alcatel-Lucent
    LAN solution)
  • Role-based policies
  • Smart analytics
  • Distributed intelligent control
  • Advanced wireless features

Your network on demand

Hospitality management services

a global reach with a local focus. To make sure that you have the most available and up-to-date network services, that can scale to meet peaks in demand, we offer new business models that allow you to pay by use.

Here is How?


New wave of benefits

Stellar WLAN solution makes Wi-Fi work harder for you. It provides an efficient, cost-effective and scalable way to enable mobility for your staff and guests and accelerate adoption of IoT-based services.

  • Easy connectivity provides a better, secure user experience for guests and employees alike
  •  A unified network (wired and wireless when used with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise LAN solution) provides a seamless user experience, with cloud- enabled management ensuring the best quality of service
    The distributed intelligent controller architecture provides better performance and high availability and scalability while reducing complexity and lowering TCO
  • Growth is easier, with high speed Wi-Fi, better radio coverage and a exible, scalable cloud-based management solution
  • It’s a future-proof solution, built on the latest technologies and services to protect your investment

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