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Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

Development Teams

Software migration and modernization are crucial in a fast-paced dynamic market. Your development roadmap sets the stage for the lean application migration & modernization process. Let’s get started.

number7even agency development Teams number7even Managed


number7even Managed

Are you not willing to set an inhouse dedicated software team, but need experienced developers fully dedicated to your project needs? We offer full-fledged, meticulously set-up & efficiently managed dedicated software development teams for end-to-end coverage of your technology needs


Client Managed

A client-managed dedicated development team is the ideal solution when your current project experiences ad-hoc demand in new technologies or domain-specific expertise. number7even’s dedicated development teams will cost-effectively fill the gaps in your project ensuring high-quality delivery.

Is it for me?

Tech solutions to business Problems

With in-progress software development needs, a dedicated software development team & QA or support team allows you to shift priorities.

  • Mainframe Programming Services
  • Technical Support
  • QA & Testing Services

Co-Developed and Managed

We have extensive experience in setting up co-development teams and managing projects for enterprises, ISVs and tech startups.

Dev Ops Enabled

We are backed by DevOps experts adept at automation delivery. Our dedicated development teams with a mature DevOps approach can take businesses to the next level.

  • Development and Migrations Services
  • Third-party integrations and testing
  • Quality Assurance and Ops Services

Dedicated Development Team & Setup?

Whether you look for dedicated development teams for a single application or entire suite of web/mobile application development project delivery, we ensure positive outcomes of our custom software development services that bring exceptional business results.

Dedicated Development Team & Setup?

  • Project needs & requirements analysis
  • Scope definition & expertise mapping
  • Candidates screening & team selection

Launch Testing

  • Team, Environment, & infrastructure setup
  • Process and methodology definition
  • Communication processes establishment


  • Operation review and adjustment
  • Max productivity achieved & maintained
  • Knowledge accumulation & sharing

Our dedicated development teams follow Agile methodology that ensures seamless communication and complete project transparency.

100% client satisfaction

You benefit from numerous completed projects of varying sizes which include commercial-grade software applications.

Customised services

You get  ISO 9001/CMMI Level 3 processes & Agile Methodologies providing you App migration & modernization services.

Timely delivery

number7even Web Application Development Timely delivery

We stick to your strict budgets or limitations of scope or variables by using the latest in agile methodologies to create your lean dynamic application saving you time and enjoy an increased TTM.

Periodic reporting and feedback

Transparency is at the forefront of development and the stakeholder enjoys a 360-degree view of the scope, milestone & tasks with regular updates, reports & feedback.

Best in its class service

No project can excel without absolute attention to specifications, scope & budget. you evaluate our service and promote our excellence by putting our service to the test. Take on the challenge.

Competitive price

Optimized resource management for your project gets deployed to attain higher efficiency

Flexible engagement models

We follow tested Agile Methodologies by offering flexible engagement models that suit your every need. Our business models allow supporting any size business and project.

Unmatched Quality Models

Consistency and quality in our work are the most important factor, that helps us to stand out. We understand that technical issues crucial to the success of your application.

Here is How?


Dedicated Software Team?

If you are or represent a company with regular large projects, or if you need ongoing work, ask about our retainer. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract. You’ll get our technical infrastructure & expertise as if we were right there in your office. You get all the bells & whistles and we take all the responsibility.

  • No hidden costs
  • 80 or 160 hours of guaranteed production every month for part-time and full-time hires respectively
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • No setup fees
  • Dedicated team is better than Fixed-cost


Fixed Project Scope?

I already have a very clear project requirement that is well documented! We suggest you go with our fixed-price model.
We review your scope and stakeholder requirements and provide a cost, resources and time estimate for your fixed price project.

  • No hidden costs
  • 80 or 160 hours of guaranteed production every month for part-time and full-time hires respectively
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • No setup fees
  • Dedicated team is better than Fixed-cost

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